Danitra Laverdiere

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46 Candles In Total.

Grumpy Cat (qty 6) ($8X6=$48)
3 - Neon Orange / vanilla
3 - Pastel Pink / fruit slices

Squiggle (qty 16) ($8X16=$128)
4 - pastel blue / bubblegum
4 - white / green tea & white pear
4 -  pastel purple / sweet pea
4 - pastel pink / jasmine

Large Bubble (qty 6)($7.5X6=$45)
3 - white / green tea & white pear
3 -  pastel purple / sweet pea

Smiley Flower (qty 12) ($6.5X12=$78)
4 - pastel blue / bubblegum
4 - pastel pink / jasmine
4 - pastel purple / lavender

Mini Flower (qty 6) ($3X6=$18) 
3 - pastel green / sweet pea
3 - pastel blue / coffee cake & spice
3 - pastel pink / fruit slices 
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Pillar Candles Care


Unlike traditional pillar candles, our pillar candles are made into a lot of different unique shapes. However, wick only burn in circle, so you might not get a complete full burn out of these candles. It is best to use them as home decorations. Burn them when you want to get something new hehehe, and throw the remaining wax into a wax warmer and use them as wax melt :)


♡ Always trim wick to 1/4" before lighting a candle. It is very important to always trim your wick after each burn. Leaving and burning a long untrimmed wick will causes black smoke. Please note that cutting the wick too short will also making the candle very hard to burn. 1/4" will be the perfect length:)


♡ Do not burn the candle more than 3 hours at a time.

♡ Keep out of reach of children & pets.

♡ Never leave a burning candle unattended.

♡ Do not burn candles when there is excess airflow (for instant, close to fans, air conditioner vents or a heat source). Doing so can create excess smoke, black smoke and uneven burning.

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